Awakened Kitchen

Through this group page we've created a gathered table where we ...invite you into our "Awakened" Kitchen. We ask that you join us in sharing the beauty of homemade meals made with ❤️ We advocate a vegan lifestyle so we ask that all of the meals and recipes you post be plant based ( dairy, meat, and egg free). However, you do not have to be vegan to share and be apart of this group. This is about reconnecting with our roots in which the Kitchen was the soul of the family. A place where good food and great stories were shared. A place of laughter, love, and deep conversation. This is why we call it soul food and we honor this tradition. Yet at the Awakened Kitchen we also define soul food as NUTRITIOUSLY feeding the body, mind, and sprit. So we hope you accept our invitation and look forward to building and sharing with you all. See More