The Band Booker

Q: Who are we?
A: Dean and Graham... that's who.
Q: What is this group?
A: We are making connections with musicians.
Q: Why?
A: So we can put bands together, then send them overseas for 3-6 month contracts.
Q: What?
A: No, seriously... we are working on putting bands together, then sending them over to other countries (IE: Dubai) to play covers (IE: Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple) in the clubs and hotel lobbies, etc... and get paid in Dollars!!!

Q: What are the requirements?
A: Here they are, in list format:
1. trendy/cheesy/kitch looking rockstars,
2. Must play classic rock/Top-40 covers with confidence (think showmanship),
3. 5-7 members per band,
4. A good balance of male to female (IE if there's 5 members, at least 2 of them are female.),
5. Willing to travel to Dubai and stay there for the duration of the contract (3-6 months at a time),

Q: What are the benefits?
A: Again, in list format:
1. FREE food
2. FREE accommodation (IE, if you're doing the 5-star hotel contract, it's likely you'll be staying in the 5-star hotel)
3. FREE passports/visas
4. Free airfare there and back
5. A minimum wage of $1500.00 per band-member per month, TAX FREE (Terms and conditions may apply, ask Graham via inbox)

So... what're you waiting for? Send me your deets! (inbox Graham.)