Be Inspired Group (BIG)

Welcome to BIG: Be Inspired Group by!

BIG is a group of people brought together for the purpose of spreading love, happiness, and providing tools to living a happier life.

We are community that is judge free and one that chooses to support all members. Everyone and anyone can find the group and see it's members but only members can see posts.

BIG wants to encourage its members to post without the fear or worry of outside social circles judging positivity or steps towards living a happier life. In life the things that are judged the most are the things the least understood. Participation is key to a community and hopefully all of us will bring about more of just that!

Continue to Wear It On Your Sleeve BIG members!!

Go Big and then Go Bigger!

A few guidelines:
1. Be helpful & generous
2. Dont troll or be greedy with other member's time or their inspiration.
3. Positivity and encouragement is highly encouraged
4. Be open to the copious amount of support and inspiration capable of creating a happier life now!