The Bridal Network

This Group is a break-off from "Houston Bridal Network" which is dedicated exclusively to "Houston";

"The Bridal Network" is for anyone in the bridal/weeding industry "worldwide" - "nationwide" and locally in "Houston" Vendors can also join!

This Group also centers on ANYONE in the Wedding/Bridal Industry whether you are a BRIDE to BE and/or around any Vendors for the Wedding Industry such as travel, banking, gifts, Hair Dresser, Cakes, Venues to hold event, Photography, Makeup for the bridal party, Bartending, Catering, Dancing, Music, Flowers, Hotel, Invitations, Limousines, Magazines, Officiants, Wedding Planners, Realtors, Tuxedos, Rings, Videography and much more!

The Group does NOT currently have a physical location where to meet locally and is only online.

You can access the Group directly to post at

or you just send an email to the group

LinkedIn <>

Group Owner - Ingrid Forrest