The Cauldron ~ A Mixing place for Witches, Druids and Pagans

A mixing place for Witches, Druids, Pagans of all nations and those wishing to learn the Old Ways. This group, in accordance with Facebook rules, will only admit members of 13 years old or older; Some posts, may however, be considered more suitable for older FB users, so please bear this in mind if adding Juniors to the group.
Please let your own morals guide your posts, anything relevant may be posted, Including advertising other Groups/Pages/Sites or Home Businesses, as long as they have some relevance to the Group's Clientele (spam shoe sales, money lending posts etc will be immediately removed and the poster banned permanently from the group) but please limit such advertising posts to one or two per month, maximum to avoid clogging the wall.
Members, if they wish, may post a picture of themselves to introduce themselves if they wish, but this is NOT a Dating Site.
If found/seen to be behaving in a vulgar manner..excessive bad language, Hate Speech, Sexual Harassing Members etc your posts will be deleted and you will be excluded from the Group for the Harmony and Safety of Group Members, or you will be messaged re your post. We are, as a rule, although we do have the odd younger member now, grown-ups on here so the odd swear word/profanity may crop up..that is a different case entirely.
If you are a Juvenile please refrain from publicly posting your age on the group wall, but we do ask that you PM an admin to advise us of your age for your own safety. We also request that NO member ask for or provide personal information on the wall, if you wish to divulge such things please use the privacy of Private Messaging, that is what it's for; also with regards to such things as Tarot Readings etc, for a fee or otherwise, we respectfully request that these things be done only in PM and NEVER on the wall for all to see, as this is to be regarded as deeply personal information. In the Event of posting an EXAMPLE reading on the wall, as opposed to single cards and meanings and the like, please clearly label it as such.
Members here may refer to themselves as Witch, Wiccan, Eclectic Solitary, Hedge Witch, Wizard, Warlock etc..that is their perogative, after all, who are we to say what someone can refer to themselves as? However if someone asks you to refrain from using a term/label when in conversation with them, please respect this equally. All Photos used in this group remain the property of the original owner. Live, Love, Laugh, Dance and Be free.