The Colony Chatter

This is a community group for residents of The Colony. It is in no way run by the City of The Colony nor does it serve any official capacity. The Chatter is a place for you to ask for a service recommendation (check the pinned post at the top of the page for some), post about an upcoming city event or fundraiser, share storm warnings and just generally visit with your neighbors.

This is not a group to advertise for your business regardless of how small it may be. The one exception to that rule is on Wednesdays. There will be a Work It Wednesday thread posted by an admin every Wednesday morning. All advertisement is allowed on that thread only.

Fundraisers are welcome and encouraged anytime. We want to be able to support community teams, schools, churches and other non-profits but any posts that are selling for a business outside of the WIW thread will be deleted.

Garage sales and items for sale should be posted on the local yard sale sites. Here are a few local ones.

I will also delete any posts about re-homing any pets that have not been cleared with me first. I do that because we have a very small shelter and I work to try to help get animals out of the shelter so they are not put down. If our shelter is not in an urgent situation, I will likely give you permission to post your animal here but if I have to choose between promoting your pet who just needs a new home or a shelter pet who is fighting to stay alive, I will choose the shelter pet.

We are hoping to have a friendly, community feeling group and in that spirit I ask that we keep all posts civil and non-combative. Be aware though that with a group as large as this, you will likely find people you both like and don't care for. I recommend if someone truly bothers you, you block them. Then you don't have to be bothered with them and are still free to enjoy the rest of the group. You will find there are a lot of good people in this town and in this group.

Please keep in mind that the admins on this group are volunteering their time to help keep the group running smoothly. We may occasionally miss a post or may have actually stepped away from the computer for real life activities. If you see someone post something that is a violation, it doesn't mean they can and you can't. It just means we haven't seen it. You can help by tagging one of us in the post so it is brought to our attention. If you ever have any other questions or we can help you somehow, please just send us a message. Welcome to the group and I hope you enjoy what you find here.