New Confidence New Zealand

Primarily started as The No Confidence Party to oppose the reign of John Key and the National Party -.The GCSB bill is a good example: a clear majority of the populace voted against this bill, yet it was still passed - with only one vote, that of Peter Dunne, facilitating this. This is clearly unacceptable.

The secondary main focus of the movement is the introduction and advancement of electronic voting systems, at least for the major issues.(update coming)

The group is also intended as a forum to enable discussion and education of the New Zealand public and to spread awareness and encourage free thinking in regards to the political issues which affect our country, such as mining/drilling, fluoride in the water and the TPPA/GCSB bills.

Please feel free to post links to other sites, especially those related to the planning and organisation of (peaceful) protests. All voices will be heard.

In practice, if you want to post more than one piece of information about the same topic, please keep it to a single comment thread.

Also please note that, unless specified, when any member of the group administration post to the group, they do so as individuals, not for the party itself.

Guidelines- 1-Respect others right to their opinion.(constructive debating is welcome,insults are not)
2-Please refrain from profanity/racism/abuse of individuals or groups of people, whether based upon dislike, political persuasion, religion, or opinion.
3-If post are very offensive they will be removed immediately and warnings given and if continued breaches may result in removal from group.

We are here to help,advise,welcome and raise awareness,We welcome new opinions and lines of thought on any matter that may concern New Zealanders and or New Zealand as a country.remember knowledge shared is knowledge gained but always respect everyones individual rights and choice to their opinions,as the saying goes treat others how you would want to be treated.