The Cordoba Group

The Córdoba Group exits to facilitate a collaborative and supportive environment for like minded entrepreneurs. An opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with each other and offer mentorship and guidance. This is a closed group for members only. The chief aim of this group is to support each other mentally through ideas and solutions.

The Córdoba Group is here to facilitate a family like environment. This is not a place to advertise your own business or to be hostile towards others. First time violators will receive a warning. Second time violators will get their membership revoked.

Ideas for topics to discuss: (these are ideas only, please feel free to talk about other topics as well.)

Get to know each other by introducing yourself to other members.
What is or has contributed to yours or others success.
Any Business related tips for success.
Any Leadership related tips for success.
Suggested material that could be of value to others.
Motivational quotes or stories to keep us on track to reach our success goals.

"Your destiny is to be great! But how great is up to you. Now choose to get out there and show us how great you can be!" -Ramon Torres