We are a community of people who appreciate the beauty of form a...nd function among insects and their relatives.

Our goal is to create a place where people can ask any question they want, and where artists can safely share their work with others while protecting their intellectual property.

To accomplish these goals, we have put some rules in place:

-Provide non-abbreviated locations (Country + state/province) where all insects were photographed or reared in captivity
-No selling
-No trolling
-Cyber-bullying WON'T BE TOLERATED
-Don't block admins
-Don't cheat on academic assignments
-Don't ask for or give medical advice
-Read all previous comments before posting and avoid redundancy
-Verbal attacks regarding preparation of insect collections are not allowed
-Don't post copyrighted material without permission and a link to the original
-NO SPAM!!!!!! See More