Fast4:Life: Weight loss, Intermittent Fasting and Paleo eating

Fast4:Life group

Lose Weight Easily. Live longer. Be Healthier

A simple weight loss plan that fits into everyone’s daily lives. Combining the best elements of the most effective diets, bringing together intermittent fasting (popularised by 5:2, warrior diet, and alternative day fasting) and eating as much as you like of the foods that we were designed to eat (paleo diets), and creating a program that is both easy to follow, and highly effective.

No calorie counting or restrictive eating
Eat as much as you like of the food we were designed to eat
No fad diets or complicated recipes
Simple changes that make a big difference
Never go to bed hungry, but still fast for 24-hours
Eat with you family
No need to spend hours weighing and preparing food