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The Gypsy Nurse believes in the 3 C's: Collaboration, Camaraderie and Community…this is what the group is about.

The Travel Nurse Network is just that…a network for Travel nurses. An un-biased place for nurses and recruiters to join in a collaborative effort to improve our industry and support each other.

Lets collaborate with each other to better understand the industry. Let's support each other and build camaraderie, and let's build a community by meeting in person, supporting those having a difficult time and providing information to those seeking a better understanding of our specialty.


- Absolutely NO RECRUITING or ADVERTISING (I will warn you first but if you continue to actively recruit or spam the members, you will be removed and banned from the group)

- PLAY NICE! This group is intended to be a place where you can ask questions and get help. There will be disagreements at times and I ask that you avoid the behaviors that have led the nursing profession to hold the stigma of 'nurses eat their own'. The Gypsy Nurse reserves the right to delete any/all posts, comments or images that are felt to be in violation of this.

- Join in on the conversations, contribute your photos, join or plan a local event, and have fun sharing your love and knowledge of Travel Nursing.

UPDATED: June 10, 2014

RECRUITERS: There continues to be job postings placed on this group. This is not acceptable. As we grow it becomes more and more difficult (and time consuming) to keep these off of the group. From this point forward, you will be warned first and then subsequently banned without further notice from this group if you continue to post jobs here. We have a very active Jobs Group for this purpose. I hope that you understand. Please remember that we are here to help and support one another an d a big part of that is following the rules.

Updated: July 12, 2014

Please note: ANY post that violates the following Social Media Guidelines produced by the NCSBN will be immediately deleted without notification. Repeat offenders will be removed and banned from the Gypsy Nurse group(s). Please review the guidelines here: