The Junkman's Corner (Buy & Sell in Augusta GA Area)

This is a site I started to sell our j̶u̶n̶k̶, I mean fine merch...andise. :)
But any member is also welcome to post items for sale, as long as the items are furniture, home decor, collectibles, vintage items & such.

As of 8/19/16, All sale posts must include at least one photo, dimensions (measurements, even if just approximate) of item & an estimate of what the item is constructed of, such as metal, solid wood, composite, pressed board, concrete, glass, etc. Of course somethings are obvious, such as a post titled "concrete birdbath" or "Large Glass Vase", so no need in being redundant with those.

Posts that don’t meet these requirements will not be approved for listing on the group. This is to enhance your chances of a sale, and to keep an interested member from a possible long wait to get these simple questions answered.


Sellers set their own terms for how they want to handle their sales, BUT must be up front about them in their posting! If you want "Sold to Trump Interested", say so in your post. Be clear about your pick-up terms, as far as location. A seller can wait as long or as little time as they like to get a response from a potential buyer, before moving to the next party, BUT put these expectations in your posting!

Buyers, if you don't show up for a scheduled meeting w/ a seller, or post SOLD on an item and never follow through with picking up the item. You will be contacted by me in order to hear what your side of the story is. If this happens too frequently, and I'll let you know when that is, you will be kicked to the curb! At the same time, Sellers if I get too many complaints about people wasting their time to come pick something up, only to find that item is not at all as described, whether they said SOLD or not, you will also be handed your walking papers.

Right now, as far as rules go, that's about it! We'll update as we see fit and as this group progresses. :)

If you have any problems, either buying or selling, please contact me, GinnyandTommy Nunnally (aka The Junkman)

Have fun, buy my stuff & play nice!