The MAKAN Club

If you click “Request to Join” you are understood to have read b...elow and agree to the terms of membership for The Makan Club, a food community promoting good places to eat and drink that members with no vested interests have personally experienced; various food recipes, histories, techniques and food related postings. The Makan Club is not an advertising billboard.

Terms & Conditions: The applicant agrees to read and abide by the full Rules & Regulations (R&R) in The Makan Club files once approved before posting or membership can be terminated if the R&R has been broken. If you have been added to The Makan Club via a membership request by a friend, you must still abide by/read R&R, especially if reminded by Admin.

Any applications for The Makan Club (MC1, MC5 & DietClub) membership must be with Facebook Accounts more than one (1) year old; not have a fake ID, be a duplicate active profile (more than one current Makan Club membership), must have a profile photo and not have an advertising business name. All membership approvals are subject to the discretion of Admins, and upon verification of your profile and application.

No spamming or direct/indirect sales & soliciting permitted. All Advertisements must be submitted to and approved by the Admins before posting or members will be removed without notice. No POLITCAL and RELIGIOUS posts allowed. No cross promotion of other facebook links/pages/urls are permitted. Repeat offenders will be banned. Admins will manage and administer the group within the boundaries of the R&R but are not limited to operate solely within the R&R if posts and member activity detract from the main intent and purpose of the Makan Club page/s.

F&B owners, Food Bloggers, food reviewers are directed to specifically read the additional terms for them at the 'File' section of MC1 to prevent misunderstanding and termination of membership from The Makan Club.

The Makan Club Group and sister pages:

1) The Makan Club (All Types of Food)

2) The Makan Club V (Non-Food Discussions)

3) The Makan Club IV (Business Networking – not open for membership yet)

4) The Diet Club (Weight-Loss Support)

A list of current admins can be found in the full Rules and Regulations file in ‘FILE’ under the “Makan Club” banner.