The Marketplace TM

Its simple. Buy, Sell (or Rent) your preloved stuff. This is a Malaysian based group. No online businesses to spam the wall.

1. Please upload the item photos only into the pre-created category albums based on the type of product. No items to be posted directly onto the Wall. If you are unable to do so or not sure which Category to use, just let Admin know.
2. Please provide the relevant info on the product photo, including price, postage (or COD), location & condition.
3. Please upload the actual photo of the item, and not a stock photo
4. Please mention in the comments if the item is RESERVED and delete photo, once the item is sold
5. Please note that The Marketplace TM and/or the Admin are not responsible for the accuracy of the items posted for sale/rent.
6. No medications to be sold in this group, unless they are commercial packaged ones which do not require prescriptions. Buyers please be informed that TM Admin holds no responsibility over the safety of medications sold in this group.
7. All members are to enable their PM and tags for smoother transaction communications.
8. No resellers (for profit/ business) allowed.

Anything else? Ya, have fun, don't stress and shop, shop, shop!