The Thrifting Board

Having trouble navigating the rough seas of ecommerce? Let The T...hrifting Board and its Lifeguards rescue you. Welcome to the newest group led by Jason T. Smith of Thrifting With The Boys, Thrift Hunters and Thrifty Business fame. We've decided to streamline all topics of online selling into one awesome group.

Our main focus is still thrifting - the ebb and flow of acquiring used goods in order to flip and sell for a nice profit. How to turn flotsam and jetsam into glorious treasure.

We are here to help you find the booty, how to list it, how to promote it, how to sell it, and finally how to ship it. No more having to move from group to group. One big group for all your online selling needs.

In this group we don't have admins, we have lifeguards. They are here to rescue you when you get in deep water and you feel the undertow tugging at you. Not to fear, we have the best lifeguard staff this side of Baywatch. Some are very specialized (shipping, social media) and some are well versed in all aspects.

Please be respectful of others in the group. Negative comments regarding race, gender, sexuality, political or religious affiliations will not be tolerated and more than likely will lead to your removal. The group is not overly PC or G rated. That is not to say you will see porn and racist statements, but we are all adults and sometimes we find some pretty funny adult stuff in the thrift stores.

One of the exciting parts of being on the beach is the opportunity to go deep sea diving for hidden treasures. Researching an item is a lot like scouring the ocean floor looking for hidden gems. Sometimes they are everywhere and sometimes you have to sift through a lot of sand before you find a nugget. Our group has many experienced divers who can turn up a precious treasure where you thought there were none. Like looking for real buried treasure, research can be a long and sometimes tedious process. Please be respectful of your fellow divers and do your own digging FIRST and ask for help only when you are truly exhausted and have found nothing. Don't send them out looking for a treasure without a map. Tell them up front in your first post what areas you have already explored and what you found.


The goal of the group is:
Sell Your Stuff
Find A Beach
Get A Cocktail
Enjoy The Sunset
Live Your Life