Entertain Your Nerdy Ass


1) This group is for anything ENTERTAINMENT in reg...ards to Comics, Anime, Cartoons, Movies and various TV shows. Funny memes are always welcome. You can post &/or discuss anything regarding those topics.

Nudity is against the facebook rules & is not allowed. If seen, it will be instantly deleted & you'll be banned. Political/Religious/RaceBait posts, 9/11 memes or disrespect of the dead are not allowed.

2) It is normal to have a disagreement when debating & getting into a little quarrel BUT, it is not acceptable to take it too far by insulting one's family, making racist remarks, taking one's personal picture & using it against them, or bashing anyone's religious preference (including the bashing of atheism).

3) If you're going to post spoilers on a recent show, you'll have to wait 48 hours after it has been initially aired. If it's a movie, there will be a spoiler thread set up in the Pinned post, you will need to wait 2 WEEKS before posting outside the pinned post.

•This group has members from all over the world and we understand things are released on separate days. We are going off The United States main release date & not the red carpet release to have a set date to go by.

4) Blocking any admins is an insta-ban offense.

The Admins are:
• Babs Ayodele (Owner)
• Sean Mahoney
• Jeremy Le Britannia
• Isaac Ankrom
• Twalisha TK Williams
• Robert Hartwick
• Scott Jones

5) This group is a little laid back. If you easily get offended, this is not a group for you.

6) Advertising of anything without getting admin approval is not allowed. When an admin gives you approval, write the name of the admin that approved it.

7) This is an English group so your post should be in English; any other language post will be deleted.

8) NO SELF IMAGES or VIDEOS, unless FULL cosplay.

9) If you're having any problem on a post, feel free to tag an Admin for assistance. We are not omnipresent, so we can't be everywhere in the group at once,And do not Repost any deleted post without PM an admin

10) If you have a problem with how an admin's doing their job, go to another admin and speak to them. DO NOT try to conduct a witch hunt and rally a bunch of members to show how corrupt an admin is. This is a bannable offense.

11) MEME WARS are posted by ADMINS on Monday. Only 1 a week. Search group for #MWM if you can't find it!

12) Comment/like bait is frowned upon and is deleted frequently. Post it knowing that it may be removed.

P.S.) If you notice any spam links or posts you feel does not belong in the group, please report it to the admin in order to make it easier for us to get rid of these scum.

"I created this group cause I love everything entertainment so have fun that's what this group is about." ~ Babs Ayodele, the owners personal picture