The Buddhist Wisdom Group

To share wisdom through practice of mindfulness, based on Buddhist principles.

"Refuge to the man is the mind, refuge to the mind is mindfulness"-Buddha

Mindfulness: A technique in which a person becomes intentionally aware of his or her perceptions, feelings, thoughts and mental phenomena in the present moment, skillfully. Objective of this site is to guide people to gain wisdom through practice of mindfulness based on Buddhist principles.


Try to participate in discussions as much as possible.

Remember there is nobody to judge you here.

You are free to express your experiences based on your own way of practicing Buddhist meditation (smatha, metta, vipassana,...)

Some of the links here will also lead you to some ORIGINAL TEACHINGS of the Buddha (sutta).

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Wisdom through Mindfulness ( to Blog Archive and click on posts like: How mindfulness can help? Religion of the future, Watch the video –“Life of Buddha”-BBC Documentary

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Well acquainted with mindfulness: Go to Blog Archive and you can browse through all the posts and the links. Some of these posts and links will help you to gain deeper understanding about the practice of mindfulness. In some postings you can read or listen to discussions on some of the original disclosures of the Buddha. This will also help you to gain more insights into the practice of mindfulness.

Start date : 21st March 2008

"Do not go after the past,
Nor lose yourself in the future.
For the past no longer exists,
And the future is not yet here.
By looking deeply at things just as they are,
In this moment , here and now,
The seeker lives calmly and freely- Buddha

Picture/logo of The Buddhist Wisdom Group:"The seven factors for Awakening (bojjhanga)"

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"A mind which is not protected by mindfulness is as helpless as a blind man walking over uneven ground without a guide."

The renowned meditation master, Achaan Chah, was asked during a Questions and Answers Session: "Is it necessary to be able to enter absorption in our practice?"

The Master replied: "No, absorption is not necessary. You must establish a modicum of tranquillity and one pointedness of mind. Then use this to examine yourself. Nothing special is needed. If absorption comes in your practice this is OK too. Just don't hold onto it. Some people get hung up with absorption. It can be great fun to play with. You must know proper limits. If you are wise then you will know the uses and limitations of absorption, just as you know the limitations of children versus grown men."