The Thinks' Photography Projects

Welcome to the 100 Days of Summer 2014!

This is a photo-a-day project which runs for 100 days beginning the 25th May 2014. Please note that due to its large size and the unfortunate presence of spammers, only friends of people already in the group will be admitted.

Participants are invited to use each day's theme as the inspiration for a photo which is then submitted to the group. Photos submitted should, ideally, be taken the same day. A few days here or there is fine but please note that this is a photo-a-day project, not one-from-the-album.

It really works best when everyone tries to abide by the real-time nature of the project and so please endeavour to do so!

The list of words is available here ( or in the "files" section of this page but the curator, Hannah Stoney will post weekly reminders to help us all keep track.

Hannah will also post highlights on her blog from time to time. All photos will be credited.

Late-starters always welcome!


Instagrammers, please hashtag the day's word followed by thinks100 e.g. #bluethinks100. We will be using British English as the standard spelling but feel free to also add US spellings of words such as colour and favourite.

The facebook group is public and images can be viewed by anyone. Please bear that in mind.

Facebook uploads work best when the image is sized to either 960 pixels along the long edge or 2048 pixels is also meant to be even better although some of us struggled to see the difference.

We will be trying to make some sort of highlights book available for sale at the end of this. For now, please make sure you keep high res copies of what you upload in a folder somewhere, until we've worked out how we're going to collect them.

This project is hosted by Hannah Stoney, a British artist. To see more of her work visit or her facebook page

All copyright to images posted within this group (The Thinks Photography Projects) remains solely with the individual who initially posted the image. Sharing other people's images (from The Thinks Photography Projects Facebook group) is great, but we would ask that people do this only by using the 'share' button. It is not permitted to copy, save, crop, screen-shot or print another person's image without first seeking appropriate permission from the original poster.