Thona Music !!


Thona is a fresh voice in dance music. Hailing originally
from Paris with a mixed heritage stretching back to
Congo and Cameroon as well as France, he now calls
London home. He comes from a musical family; both his
father and sister are musicians. Thona’s own career
began in France as a teen working in a theater troupe
both singing and acting on stage performing “old French
music and scat (jazz)” as he likes to call it. The troupe
also recorded a symphony with Ravi Prasad in 1996.
Thona’s work as a dance music artist reflects his need to be arty as well as his
diverse heritage and background. “I'm a creative person, I like to create things.”
says Thona. In addition to his skills as a dance music artist, Thona is also a very
talented abstract painter.
Thona recently launched a video of the track, “Ha”, which will be self released in
November 2013 to kick-start his new label. The track was co-produced by
William Thorne of the UK. The video for “Ha” was produced by Jono Solo of the
London-based company King's Cross Media is well made, combining Thona’s
love of both performance and making good music with solid beats. In addition,
the video’s striking visuals create an enticing reason to join Thona in his world of
bass heavy beats. In addition to the video, Thona is also working on an EP,
again with William Thorne, to be released later this year.
For Thona, making people happy and free is what drives him as an artist and he
hopes to continue pursuing that goal with his music. See More