THRIFTING-WITH-THE-BOYS.COM is a group page for sharing tips, hints and ideas about thrift store shopping with the goal of reselling the treasures found.
Though we will be fairly lenient about who can join and contribute to this group, we reserve the right to exclude or remove anyone who is not a thrifter or aspiring thrift store shopper, or who posts against the spirit and integrity of this group. Please be advised that there may be objectionable language in some of the posts and that will be allowed as long as it is not used in a way that is mean-spirited toward anyone in or out of the group. We will not tolerate any posts that are anti-religion, anti-race, anti-gender, anti-sexual orientation. This group is dedicated to the open exchange of ways to improve the thrift store shopping experience. Please feel free to recommend this group to people who may benefit and contribute to this forum. Please do not use this forum to promote listings from eBay or any other venue EXCEPT in the context of sharing items to search for while thrifting, or to ask for help or ways to improve the listing shown. Anyone using this group as a venue for promotion, with the exception of the administrators, may be removed from the group. Let's share great finds, and anything related to thrift store shopping within this group. HAPPY TREASURE HUNTING!