Richard Dawkins

Welcome to the Richard Dawkins group

We're a community of people interested in the work of Richard Dawkins. We hope to create a comfy space to focus on Dawkins, science, atheism & religion.

We believe science & reason make the world a better, humane place. This is an open group so you can easily share posts. We hope you share/learn some interesting stuff.

Science is a powerful weapon against ignorance, superstition, suppression and arrogance.

To keep this an enjoyable group, please follow these rules:

Please be patient with people that don't have a good understanding of science. Try to explain/answer questions simply. Remember not everyone has the same access to education as you. Few people are stupid, so don't call them that

Post Rules:
1. Posts on the topics of science and atheism are encouraged
2. Posts of images, memes and links should include a written introduction. Do not spam
3. Links to other groups are allowed within reason
4. Posts should be in English or include an English translation
5. Hate speech is not allowed.
6. No sales advertising.
7. If advertising atheism/science: state any link or personal gain and a description
8. Graphic pornography/violence/gore of humans or animals is not allowed and will be deleted
9. Posts complaining about/calling out other group members or admins are not allowed
10. Please look before you post. Multiple posts of the same meme/link will be removed
11. No posts with starving children
12. No conspiracy theory posts.

Posts that break rules can be deleted. In some cases posters may be banned.

Comment Rules:
1. No personal attacks
2. Don't be rude unnecessarily
3. Provide evidence when asked
4. Direct questions deserve a response
5. Don't topic troll, start a new post

General Rules:
1. Do not block an admin. If you do we can still see your posts in the group
2. Raw language is permissible as an exotic lingual flourish or for reasonable emphasis
3. ALL CAPS, except for emphasis, is rude: Stop shouting
4. Don't excessively use memes
5. Trolling and multiple accounts by the same person are not allowed. People found to be trolling/multiple accounts will be dealt with on a case by case basis
6. No screenshots where people can be identified
7. Friday, is meme free day, just enjoy the debate. 07.00GMT Fri. to 07.00GMT Sat.

Repeatedly breaking rules will warrant a warning. Further ignoring of rules will result in a ban. A prior warning isn’t required

If you have any issues about the group rules, or fellow members or Admin, please personally message (PM) or tag an Admin in a comment. Please remember that we are not always available 24/7.

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