Kannapolis/Concord Online Yard sale

Thanks first of all for all your interests and participation in this site. We are here to offer a place where you can list stuff to buy and sell. When doing so please give the price desired, at the request of so many, so they can decide if they are truely interested. Refrain from fussing and cussing on here as well,if you are reported it could result in being banned. If you make arrangements to meet someone for a sell or purchase please be there or contact them and tell them otherwise, 3 reports of NO-SHOWS could result in being banned.We are not trying to be hard but face it nobody wants to drive around for nothing.NO ADVERTISEMENTS-NO SCAMS YOU WILL BE BANNED. Im helping Tim Efird to sort of keep up with everything thats going on, so if you have issues either contact myself or Tim and one or both of us will try to help. Sell it all, buy it all and have a good time God Bless

Listen I have had this site for years, but here lately it has gotten really bad. So let's start over Don't Comment on something unless you plan on purchasing it!!!! It doesn't matter what prices people ask for their stuff it's theirs and if they need a certain amount out of it then so be it, if you don't like the price just skip over it. Also no cussing anyone, No Haggling unless you are messaging the person privately, no putting people or their stuff down. This site is here for all of us to Buy, Sale, and trade. Everyone is in it to make a dollar!!! I have 4 of us working on this site and it is alot so if any of the original rules or any of these are broken you will be banned!!!! No questions ask!!! everyone we are glad that you have chosen this site to put your merchandise out there for others to see and buy so please remember that it operates pretty much like a yard sale use your own discretion when purchasing an item or items from someone if you don't feel the person is representing properly what they are selling then don't buy it. Its as is where is upon purchase unless you and the other person have some kind of outside agreement in which we have no part of. It will be between the two of you to work it out. Once again please keep profanity off of these posts on here there are some younger members on here and families that do searches together