USM Carpooling with TRIPDA

Our aim is to create a carpool culture here in USM & USM Engineering Campus.

Tripda is an online carpooling platform to facilitate the carpooling matching process between a driver and passengers so that they could share costs. It's simple, easy and totally FREE to use.

Carpooling never gets easier, just 3 steps!
Here's a guide for u step by step
1. Go to

2. 1 button Login with facebook.

3. If you are a driver, click offer ride, follow the steps (takes around 3 minutes only), then you can post your link here so that fellow USM-ers can see.

If you are a passenger, search for ride there in the website or post a ride request here

4. Enjoy your ride! Enjoy the numerous incentives & subsidies in the pinned post!

Learn more from this video,

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