Tripoli MaZad

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------>This is the official group <------
Tripoli MaZad is a group were all of facebook users in Tripoli and the North of Lebanon region are capable to sell products and goods in .

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1.No politics
2.No negative comments
3.No attacks or insults on others
4.No spam or excess advertising
5.If you are not Intrested Don't comment
6.Offenders will be banned

Tripoli MaZad , Is a Team Of Dedicated and Talented Individuals .
Our Mission Is To Operate your Satisfaction .
we Use Our Skills And Experience To Help You In Any Domain From The Moment You Contact Us You're In Good Hands .

N.B :

Offenders are fighting Tripoli citizens here, from now on they will face legal prosecution.

Very Cordially yours,
Tripoli MaZad.Team