Buy a Dog ~ Sell a Hog

*ANY TAXES DUE ARE TO BE DETERMINED BY THOSE INVOLVED WITH THE TRANSACTION !! (THIS GROUP IS FOR NON-RETAIL SALES ONLY) If you are selling your personal non-retail property. not sold as new, then fine. It is the retail sales of new Items that there is a problem with me over. State revenue may even have problems with USED items if they are sold for a gain/ profit they want taxes. I think that it is unknowable unless they entrap you some how to prove you sold a used car or building or pair of socks for more than you had in the items ? IF "retail" is not banned then every Avon Dealer 20+) and Used Car Dealer(50+) and all other businesses & multi-level marketing operations will want free rein. GET IT? I have had to remove over 20+ Avon type spammers, probably 100+ foreign shoe and product spammers. Numerous profiles with Business names (a facebook name violation) several health supplement diet produts sellers/posters; Gift catalog spammers and ON & on. Youre welcome? IF anyone wants a group for individuals in their private capacity, the show also as always is for the "general public" not for businesses (or retail sales ) >>> SEE Group's "FILES" ( BY USING A PC if you cannot see such on mobile applications) at top; THIS Group is for individuals / natural persons ( or TV10 supporting businesses only !) ANY mentions of un-welcome businesses can result in removal from the group ! IT is a tedious screening process to add members: no send message box, rejected! No OBVIOUS clues to your location: rejected ! Change that &/or message me & I'll be more likely to add you right away? Repeated "bump" ( posts more than one a day) may result in ITEMS being deleted; NOT INTENDED TO BE A AUCTION SITE or a site for mail order , work out meet up details in private messages as possible. Promotions of ANY KIND must be VETTED for "Sales Department" issues as with most all media's web presence ; *MEMBERS SHALL not post outside links to other webpages or groups without prior a admin prior approval; FACEBOOK CAN CHANGE GROUP LAYOUT AND SET UP AT ANYTIME, The reasons for these rules include abuses and complaints and REQUESTS from members/shoppers of the group: IF you want added to this LOCAL AREA TV-10 group, you have to have a OPEN public send message box & some clues to your location in the group's area. & RESPOND TO MESSAGES!! (Check your OTHER Box under "see all messages" ) Over 1500 FOREIGN spammers & out-of-the-area requests to join have been rejected or removed or banned , regularly for over 2 years Your Welcome!!

*To get on the live show you must CALL-IN during call-in times 784-7515 SEE ALSO: or below;

Yard sales and events (PSAs) should be directly faxed or emailed or messaged to (Paste it : since your post can get lost in the clutter on here without me (or my >Volunteer< administrators ) having the time on-air or in my daily routine to read through all of these postings:

"Buy a Dog~Sell a Hog" Suggested call-in times:
(when the phone number is on the screen)
after events & Death notices/ Obits in the AM at around: ~ 8:40-9:02am or so &
~ 9:40-10am (after the AM & PM shows you can call for numbers from that previous show you just watched for up to about 30min. DO NOT PROMOTE other groups either without prior approval. - Michael Williamson here; host of the show & Creator of this group, read the group's Banned List & info under FILES tab.

*SHOPPER'S TIP> CLICK PHOTOS link under the group title to shop by pictures, (which hopefully have Adequate descriptions) also look for the bottom section that has individual pictures. OR CLICK BACK TO ALBUM on individual pictures to get to that separate album of single pictures .

**POST PHONE #s AT YOUR OWN RISK, *especially 'Land lines' (tied to your address and credit rating & such )
**NO "Bootleg" or "Knock off" or counterfeit items or anything illegal nor any promotion of unlawful activity
** NO TICKET "SCALPING"/reselling,
** NO RETAIL ITEMS (unless you are a paid advertiser, any taxes due are the responsibility of the parties to the transactions )
(17 or Under) WITHOUT THE PARENTS OR GUARDIANS BEING INVOLVED Some Parents actually alow their teenagers to say they are 18 on their profile. (not having a exact birthday is smart if you ask me but do not promote your self as a adult on here if underage, that is a immediate ban!!! )

ALL NEWER MEMBERS: *remember when posting on the GROUP WALL, you are "BROADCASTING" to a open group (like you are in front of the microphone on the stage at a school gathering, potentially anyone or everyone hearing what you say) and others which choose just to visit and not to be members or are "friends of friends of members and such.
So THINK before posting: ("...Am I giving away details that are private about myself or others that could be misused?") THIS HAS BEEN EDITED

THE SITE HAS TO BE SOMEWHAT "SELF-Policing" SINCE THERE ARE NOW several thousand members; Some of the posts likely always need deleting since they are old or sold or stale (or against the rules); AND IT LEAVES INFORMATION UP ABOUT YOURSELF in many cases for months.

"Country Clips" 5:p~6p most mon.-fri.
Weather news events & obits:
"Newslines " ~6:05pm to ~6:35p or so m-f
(ends with obits & Events last)

THE VOICE with Bill & Bernice Proffitt
mon. ~6:30p ~7p

ALSO: you can "friend" main facebook profile at

Sunday: 8:30am-9a Morehead Church of Christ - Truth for the World
9am ~10am 1st Christian Ch. - Disciples of Christ (prior week's Service)

FAXLINE while I can keep it in the budget IS
783-1874 that is over 65bucks a month PLUS TAX-es
OBITUARY Reports are no charge, brought to you by:
those pertaining to the TV-10 area fax to above number
or send link. IF posting on facebook
please post notices or memorials to the TV10newlines group wall .
NOT meant to be used as advertisement for other funeral homes but
to notice the public of the arrangements, visitation times and family of
the notice. Consider the privacy of those involved and post the
shorter Media Script as it is sometimes called.
IF you see this post more than once a week, it is usually because I found a typo or made even a slight change. Facebook re-posts it if you change one punctuation mark it would appear ? I would have hoped it did not have to be this long but I suppose that is why we have 80000 laws as there are so many that look for loop holes to take advantages of we cannot have a simple life anymore ?

IF you are the type that wants something free and complains about it when you get it then I cannot help YOU ?

GROUP INFO was shortened & MOVED DUE TO SOME FACEBOOK MOBILE APS SHOWING THIS ABOVE ALL CONTENT (which I did not know about, it should disappear after one joins the group. THANKS and see further info in the DOCs link under the group title.