#twittereventing is a group of event riders - of all levels - who originally met via Twitter, and who were keen to share thoughts and opinions on the sport we love. Although moved on from Twitter somewhat, many members have Twitter accounts and the “admins” have a group Twitter account (@twittaeventing). You can also email us on [email protected]

The group has grown since then but the premise remains.
We are primarily a support group. We offer each other help and advice, we aim to meet up at events where possible, and to support each other in our endeavours. There are no rules or restrictions but we try to keep it fun and informative. We do not say bad things about each other.
We have some great supporters for our league (see below) and we do some “tried and tested” product offers and other mini competitions and other ad-hoc fun things.

Please feel free to invite fellow event riders to join in if you think they would be interested in getting involved.

Two considerations. Firstly, we don’t do sales posts (or “how much do you think my horse/lorry/art is worth” quasi sales posts). They will be deleted. If you have a “horse for loan” or a “wanted post” we will allow within reason if it benefits the group.

Secondly - please note that "trolls" and any negative comments will be removed and blocked.