Olde English Bulldogge Club

We're a group of Olde English Bulldogge owners dedicated to furthering the breed and our knowledge of it. The vast majority of us live in the USA, but that's not a prerequisite for joining. We love our international brothers/sisters too! We're here to support & encourage each other.

Topics include breedings, litters, juveniles & adults for sale, upcoming shows, announcements, etc. Heck, just show off pics of your bulldogge! Keep in mind that it's an open facebook group so anyone can see what you post (good or bad). The only rule is to treat others with the same respect & courtesy that you'd like to be afforded.

Our group probably has the heaviest daily traffic of all the OEB specific sites thanks to the encouraging nature of fellow bulldoggers. Please edit this group's Facebook settings NOT to get emails of each post. We'd hate to chase away members due to the emails being a pain in the doggie rear.