UAB Burial Ground

Welcome to UAB's Burial Ground

STATUS: Chillin' & Killin' the FL

UAB aka MiScHieF n' MaYhEm, established May 25, 2012.

We are all here to have fun and enjoy our game, but have to have a few rules for those that ride the short bus ;)

1. All posts must be in English
2. No Mafia Wars Links.
3. No foul language, or personal attacks of any kind.

We expect friendly banter and in return you can enjoy our hot tub and open bar and maybe a few cookies! Capo posts are always welcomed.

If you have an issue, please leave a polite message on our wall and an admin will get back to you.

Drive-bys are always welcome, but PLEASE announce yourselves or it may be considered an act of war. Drive-bys lasting longer than 24 hours need to be prearranged with an admin.

*** If you are a FC whose members have different red tags, please be polite/fair enough to provide a bucket list.***

We are a blood ally of Ɨh๏ρ FC along with "untagged" members that we reserve the right to call into action at any given moment.

GF - Jon Thomas


Nancy Lee Bradshaw

Bill Stampler

The Techie guy - Jorge Luis Rodriguez

Recruiter - Jo Dee Molish