UK Cichlid

Welcome to the UK Cichlid group, a friendly group full of cichlid lovers! It doesn't matter if your a beginner or an expert at UK Cichlid you can seek advice, buy and sell cichlids in the region, share your prized cichlids and anything else cichlid related. There's competitions and plenty always going on.

We want to continue to grow UK Cichlid so please spread the word to your cichlid keeping friends, share our group on your wall and any local groups (just please check first if your allowed to do so).

Rules Of The Group:
1) No Business or Group Advertising - If you are looking to advertise you must contact an admin
2) No name calling or abuse - You will be given a warning, serious or repeat offenders will be banned
3) No bumping posts
4) Anything that isn't Cichlid related must be first approved by an admin - Just message Jake Burns or Rachel Clarke and ask first.
5) If you see anything on the group you don't like contact an admin and we will look into this, this is a friendly group and we want everyone to have a pleasant experience.
6) No swearing, comment with swearing will be removed and repeat offenders will be banned.
7) No page sharing a part from the admin approved exceptions (see below)
8) Private selling is currently allowed however keep an eye out for this to change as when members increase we want to keep this page free from tonnes of sales posts so we will create a group specifically for sales in the near future.

Tropical Fish World - A fantastic group originally set up by one of our members Joseph Tole. Fantastic advice available, a very friendly bunch and lots of fun stuff going on.

Bespoke Fish Tank Ornaments - One of our members Jacob Sanya Seed creates beautiful slate ornaments for Tropical Fish Tanks my cichlids love to breed in them.

Cheap Fish Food - As one of our members and competition sponsors Ben Sarginson's CFF offers savings of up to 80% on RRP! Their motto is quality doesn't have to be expensive.

Please limit page shares to 2 a week. To request becoming a verified page sharer please contact admin.