United Kennel Club (UKC) Members

This is a group for dog lovers and others who are actively invol...ved in and/or interested in the United Kennel Club. Feel free to share your UKC related show brags, pictures, upcoming events, etc. Conformation, Terrier Racing, Agility, OBED, Rally O, Dock Jumping, WP, whatever you and your dogs do!

Note: This is NOT a place for puppy or dog sales, advertising stud services, non-UKC events, non-UKC groups/forums/sites, vote for me/my dog links, etc. Posts of this nature will be removed. Violators of these policies may be removed from the group and/or permanently banned at the discretion of the moderator(s). The moderator(s) also reserve the right to deny admission, re-admission to the group.

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