UK Home Education group


This is a group for people home educating or considering home educating their children in the UK.

We encourage the sharing of stories and resources, asking for support, discussions on LA's, plus general home ed (sometimes not) related conversations.

The admin team welcome the right to freedom and choice, we recommend home edders keep communications with LAs in writing, this opinion is based on extensive past experiences of the members and admins. Help and support is also given on changing the attitudes/practice of LAs who practice beyond the law.

Members who do meet their LA are of course welcome and discussions are welcomed on the matter as long as you accept that you may be asked to be asked about your choice with reasons why we suggest not meeting the LA.

The admin have the right to accept/decline requests and also to remove people from the group. Members are asked that they do not have any member of the admin team blocked, so the Admin can do their job properly.

Please, do not advertise on this page. If you believe your advert is of benefit to home educators ask the admin first (list of admin below). If you repeatedly post adverts without prior permission/you think the admin decision is wrong, you will be removed from the group.
These advertising posts lead to more important posts being forced down the page & go unseen. This is not fair on the rest of the group. Adverts spotted by admin will be deleted straight away.

We are pleased to share created by some of the members of this group. THE place for all things home ed.

Please note we do not represent all UK home educators.

Thank you.

The Admin are: Bec Fawcett-Howitt, Kelly Shayler, Nikki Strong, Krystie Lennon-May, Saire Marmite, Sinaed Eclipse, Samantha Babb, Helen V Wilson, Lucy Worsley-Speck & Amber Hartman.

Please do not hesitate to PM us if you need us.