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Ross Hockham was just an amateur astronomer.......

He wanted someone like him who was a complete beginner and knew nothing about the sky to be able to join a fun group to see and learn about the great sights in our night sky.

UK Astronomy FB page is that group its for everyone to get together and find local people in their communities to go stargazing with.

It is for total beginners and pros alike.

A place to talk and to post pictures but please try to add a description of the object you’ve posted so it helps others find out where it is and understand what it is they are seeing, to help us teach others.

Also it’s a place to post the stargazing events in your area or advertise your local astronomical society’s events, I will be for the Milton Keynes area where I live.

I'm afraid 'selling' 'spamming' will be deleted but recommending a good book or scope for people is fine as long as it’s not your own unless your our guide master friend Richard J Bartlett :P

So please feel free to ask us anything about space, telescopes and the stars we will do all we can to help but most of all enjoy it and have fun, banter is more than welcome but please ease up on any swearing or singling out of people…..

You will be warned and probably removed if reported to me sorry.

And so UK Astronomy was born....

If you would like to know more about what it is we do in the local area of Milton Keynes, Aylesbury and Northampton please feel free to email us at:-

or visit our new website:-

‘Cause there are a billion worlds in your back garden………