University of Lincoln Islamic Society

The ISoc is a student led charity which exists to support, empower and represent the Muslim student body. The Society works to propagate the message of Islam amongst Muslims and Non – Muslims; it strives to eradicate any ignorance and misconceptions that may be present, which, in turn, helps both Muslims and Non-Muslims, increase their understanding of Islam. The Society aims to increase unity amongst Muslim students and continues to promote cohesion between the University of Lincoln’s diverse populations.

The ISoc encourages membership from those interested in our purpose. So if you’re interested in the above, please, do not hesitate to become a member at the earliest opportunity. Annual membership is only £7. You can register for membership by visiting the Students' Union based in the Engine Shed. Remember to take your Student Identity Card!

The ISoc Committee has been working extremely hard over the summer to organise a number of events and activities over the year. We have Tuesday Study Socials, Bothers’ Football, and Sisters’ Badminton, Arabic Classes, which are held weekly. We also have Eid Celebrations, Charity week, Islamic Awareness Week, Awards Night, Annual Elections, Campaign for a purpose built Prayer Room and much, much, more ahead.

We also have a Weekly Friday Congregational Prayer for Brothers unable to visit the local mosque.

2014/2015 Committee

President – Jammil Ahmed
Vice-president – Hishaam Ashraf
Treasurer – Taaher Robanni
Sisters events Manager – Shehnaz Salique
Communications Officer – Maddiah Mazahr
Welfare and community Officer – Abdul Rehman Chaudry
International Students Rep – Ibraheem Alnejaidi

The Committee members regularly check the inbox, so if you have any question, compliment, or complaint whatsoever, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
You can email the Society on:
[email protected]
Or telephone or text on:
07845 231254

The Islamic Society offers a concrete base located at the Quiet Space and Interfaith Prayer Room, VH2004, 2nd Floor, Village Hall in the Student Village on the Brayford Campus site. The Islamic Society encourages all staff and students to pay the room an initial visit and hopefully continue to use the room regularly. The room offers a place for silent, individual meditation and prayer. Washing facilities for ablution are also available on the same floor. It has a Notice Board to keep you updated of events and activities. There is also a recently added library; stocked with Islamic Literature we hope you find useful for research. The Islamic Society would like to emphasise that this is an interfaith prayer room, intended to be used by all faiths and beliefs. Any contributions to the library which you are able to provide will be graciously accepted.

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Peace Be Upon You

The University Of Lincoln Islamic Society (ISoc)