University of Rochester Class of 2018

This is the official group for members of the University of Rochester Class of 2018.

This group is monitored by members of the University of Rochester's Orientation Staff. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

The University of Rochester is one of the country's leading private research universities. Rochester operates on a personal scale, creating exceptional opportunities for interdisciplinary study and close work with faculty. The unique Rochester Curriculum invites students to learn what they love, allowing for both focus and flexibility. The University consistently ranks among the top in federally financed science, engineering, medical, and other research. The expectation is that each student will live up to Rochester’s motto, “Meliora” (ever better), recognizing that they are future leaders in industry, education, and culture.


A special note to current students: This group is not the place for advertisements, recruiting, sales, or spam. Any instances of these will be promptly removed and can and will get you banned from the group. Additionally, please be sure that your information is correct before posting.