Air Force Firefighters / Fire Dogs

This Facebook group is for firefighters in the United States Air Force that are serving in the Active Air Force, Reserves, Air National Guard, State Side Departments and retired. We also welcome other DOD departments as well as all other departments. Talk about life, deployments, anything firefighting related. Please read our group rules and general comments below. Thank you and have a great day!

Basic Rules:

1. Keep your posts on firefighting related topics only. Also anything that pertains to the Air Force or Military are fine. If you post anything that looks like spam you will automatically be removed and banned from the group.

2. Do not sell your junk or business related items on the feed. If you are selling firefighter t-shirts and anything fire related to help a charity or organization to help veterans or fallen firefighters, etc. than a exception will be made. Please send a message to the group admin.

3. Do not share anything related to another Facebook groups or pages that is not firefighting related. Send a message to the group admin for exceptions.

4. Do not post or share any pornographic pictures or sexual content. This is grounds for ban and removal from the group.

5. Threatening other members is not allowed and will not be tolerated. You will be reported to Facebook administration and banned from the group.

6. Watch your language. Racist and sexist comments as well. This is grounds for ban and removal from the group.

7. Do not report everything to group admins. For example: If someone posted something you didn't like and it doesn't break any rules...don't report it. Ignore that post or ignore the person. You can also ignore other members all to together with your Facebook settings.

In General:

The group admin cannot always be on the group to monitor everything as it happens. If you see spam or any rules being broken then please send a private message to the group admin so that it can be taken care of in a timing manner. Lastly, on this group you have the right to voice your opinion on any topic as long as you follow the rules and act like adults.

Thank you and God Bless!