USC Paid Parking: Let's get it right.

This group is for current University of the Sunshine Coast staff and students who are fed up with the paid parking system aka the "license to hunt". The purpose of this page is to come to a reasonable and practical solution to ensure the best outcome for students wishing to park at the USC campus.

This page does not condone violent or aggressive actions/behaviour towards USC staff or Council parking inspectors. An angry message is not the right message and will not help us achieve a positive outcome.

Members are encouraged to post opinions and pictures pertaining to paid parking at University of the Sunshine Coast for FRIENDLY discussion to help drive forward to a positive resolution.

The biggest concerns from students are:

1. We are paying for something that is not guaranteed.

2. The University has not come through on the infrastructure promised before implementing paid parking.

3. The majority of current students will not benefit from the multi-storey car park.

4. The fines issued are not in proportion to the location.

Please refer any problems or questions to the admins of this page.