UTx Jazz Appreciation Austin Group

Thank you so much Mr.Hellmer!!
I really enjoyed taking this course and certainly it changed the way to listening Jazz music.
One of the reasons I took this course was to be "more intelligent listener".
My son, high school Junior, plays sax in his school jazz band. When he started playing jazz, I passed jazz albums I had and explained why I like those albums. Now, he has more knowledge and often I don't get what he says. During this course, I asked questions and talked about what I learned, and had good jazz conversation time with him.
A great moment as a "student in Austin" was at Harvey Pittel's concert in Jan. My son takes lesson from Harvey so we went to see his celebration concert. Harvey, my son's professor was on stage, and you! "There he is, MY professor!" It was a delightful moment.
It is sad that the course came to end but "See you soon!"