Electronic Music Production, UW-Madison Student Organization

The organization of EMP will serve anyone who desires to learn electronic music production. Subjects such as music structure, sound design, sound recording, marketing, sound engineering, and public performance, will be covered by the organization in a both professional and artistic manner. Student members of the EMP (Electronic Music Production Organization) will become familiar with the production process of modern music genres (Electronic Rock, Dub-step, House, Techno, Trance, Drum & Bass, R&B, Pop, and other genres that are produced with the help of computer software). EMP also serves as a social network and enables student artists to work with each-other and build a network that is professional and long lasting.

-This Fall semester (2014) meetings are TBA

- Please Post Electronic Music Related material. :)

Contact info for Officers:

Eddie Urbaez: [email protected] (President)
Robb: [email protected] (Chairman of Radio Station)
Ethan Erdmann: [email protected] (VP of Communications)
Gautam Pulla: [email protected] (VP of Finance)
Nicholas Stamas: [email protected] (VP of IT)
Bobby Burmeister: [email protected] (VP of Artist Relations)
Ben Sullivan: [email protected] (VP of Business Relations)

EMP Email: [email protected]

Fall Schedule and Syllabus:

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