Uk Bargain Share

Share and find bargains from all major stores and shops across the UK.

We are a community run group where all members are welcome to share things that they consider a bargain. Being a community run group our aim is to provide information on some of the latest bargains that the UK has on offer. We are not a Buy Sell Swap page so please do not post your own personal items for sale or anything business related. Our main focus is finding great deals on the internet and high street stores.

These include places like: Tesco, Asda, Ebay, Amazon and many more.

We would also like Vouchers, Coupons, % Off deals.

How to format a post:
1. What is it? [ Item Name and Price ]
2. Where did you find the bargain(s)? [ Website / Shop ]
3. Why is it a bargain(s)? [ Short description / Review ]
4. Website Link if found online.

Information about posting:
• All posts need to be approved by an admin.
• Some posts you share will be re-posted by admin as an affiliate link.
• Being a part time project posts may take up to 24 hours to be approved.
• If admin deem your post not to be of quality input to the community it will not be approved.

Info about using this group:
Admin accept No responsibility for any damages or losses related with anything posted in this group. By using our group you are doing so at your own risk, if you do Not agree with this please remove your self from this group. Thank you.