Baldwin County,Escambia CARS FOR SALE UNDER 5K

Baldwin & Escambia
Cars for sale under 5K
Antique cars, vintage cars, classic cars no fixed price.
No business advertising allowed.
Posting’s containing work from home or get rich quick schemes will also be deleted. All other items allowed.
Rules are simple:
1. Respect all members and their posts.
2. All ads must include picture of exact item for sale, no internet pictures.
3. All postings must include location and price, this is not an auction group.
4. All sales should be to the 1st person that commits to purchase by clearly stating, "I will buy it" or "I want it" etc. “Hold” means nothing in this group.
5. All sales are considered to be "AS IS" unless otherwise stated in ad.
6. After completing a transaction, money and/or items in hand, please leave feedback about your transaction within 48 hrs. This is very informative & useful to all members.
7. If your item is pending mark it as "pending". When it sells, please DELETE it. If you cannot delete the post please ask an Admin to delete it for you.
8. Do not make an offer on a posting unless you intend on making the deal.
9. Posts may contain vehicles valued over $5,000. However, sellers and buyers must agree on a selling price no greater than $5,000.

Baldwin County, Escambia cars under 5K may make changes to these terms at any time without notification.
This group including Facebook or the admin for this site is not responsible or to be held accountable for any deal's made.