University of Bristol Orienteering Club

Welcome to the University of Bristol Orienteering Club!

If you haven't tried orienteering before, its basically a test of navigation skills, speed and endurance, where you are given a map and have to navigate from point to point in as fast a time as possible. It usually involves getting very muddy and is lots of fun!

We get to go to some beautiful areas, such as the Lakes and the Forest of Dean and there are also events right on our doorstep in Bristol. Whether you fancy an interesting jog in a nice area or if you want a fast, challenging run on tough terrain, orienteering has it all!

We have Monday Night Pub Runs (7pm, Downs Water Tower) and technical training on Wednesday afternoons (2.30pm, various locations). There are events most weekends and several weekends away throughout the year.

If you're interested in becoming a member, just email us at [email protected] and check out