The Union of Progressive Activists

No trolls! Progressive Activists must unite to protect our values from those who are trying to destroy them. If you are really a leftist, liberal, progressive, and/or an egalitarian, then we can only be arguing about ONE thing: tactics/strategy. We aren't actually REQUIRED to say that if you block any admins, you will soon be OUT. This group is for the purpose of UNITING progressives, not splintering the left. If your initiative is something we even SUSPECT is for the purpose of dividing the left, we will respond to it, and probably remove you. This is a private group, and “free speech" does not totally apply here. Take your anti-Obama and anti-Hillary, anti-Democrat stuff elsewhere! If you are dead set opposed to the Democrats, then there are lots of Green Party groups for you. We are Democrat friendly. All options SHOULD be tried; this group is about uniting under the Democratic Party, and transforming/reforming, as needed. By all means progressive IDEAS are welcome!
"In God we trust, all others, bring data" (just a saying, we accept all religious beliefs). We have two options: stand up for our dreams or wait for our nightmares. Our elected "representatives" are unwilling or unable to defend Progressive values. Now it’s time to show them what WE are WILLING and ABLE to do!
The purpose of our group is not your commercial spam. Our members object to the spam.
If you are friends with other progressive activists (or belong to other progressive groups) please help them unite by sharing the below link with them: