Global Family ( वसुधैव कुटुंबकम् )

*All are invited here to take part in this rare opportunity of existence as a human being in this world ...
During the twenty-first century , motivated , talented persons will emerge and play a significant role in establishing A NEW GOLDEN ORDER for mankind !
In other words , the Will of God , divine inspirations or the power of the omnipotent God will force talented individuals to make appropriate endeavour and endure hardships for the divine cause . The Almighty has also decided to make them competent , powerful and equip them with capacity to show increasing valour for establishing ideals in the society !
The message is , therefore , required to be carried to all motivated persons by kindling fire of idealism in each heart ! It would also be noteworthy . The march of humanity will end only after reaching the destined goal !
The present crusade is not confined to any particular country , community , religion or sect. All are welcome to take part !!
- YugRishi ShriRam