Global Movement for Universal Health Coverage

Ensuring equitable access to health care for all citizens, in any part of the world, regardless of income level, social status, gender or

Few principles are fundamental to the Global Universal Health Coverage Movement:

Scientific evidence
Ensuring equitable access for all citizens,resident in any part of the country, regardless of income level, social status, gender, caste or religion,
Affordable, accountable, appropriate health services of assured quality (promotive,preventive, curative and rehabilitative) and
Public health services addressing the both proximal and wider determinants of health delivered to individuals and populations, with the government being the guarantor and enabler of health service provider.
About the movement

The Movement for Global Universal Health Coverage is a network of individuals and organisations that aim to improve health care services for people in respective countries worldwide, especially in low- and middle-income countries where effective services are often unaffordable, low quality, and receive selective care.