USA Smart Girls

Hi Buddies!

This group is made for all USA boys and girls, thi...s group made in aim of comparing Western styles with other cultures.
Let all Western guys and girls prove that we are more than sexy/hot than other cultures boys and girls.

For Boys: Post your hot photos/videos here.
For Girls: Post your sexy photos/videos here.

****Rules & Regulations:****
1. Make sure you are following all the Facebook's rules and regulations with group.

2. Do not post any spammy/scammy content here, if we find anyone posting illegal stuffs then we will directly report and block them.

3. Respect the privacy of others!

4. Do not advertise your business on this group.

5. Do not post graphic or disturbing photos, videos and other media in this group. If you are not sure about the content that you want to post, message to the group admin.

6. Please stick to the mission statement of this Facebook group. Irrelevant content does not belong here it belongs on other pages.

7. If a single individual starts a discussion that all other members disagree with, it may, at the discretion of the group admin, be considered trolling. Trolls will be booted out of the group.

8. It is considered impolite to repost or draw attention to the fact that a group admin or another member has deleted your comment.

9. Follow Facebook's terms and conditions.


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