Using Vape Ecigs to quit smoking

This is a group of people who are quitting smoking regular cigarettes with the help of Vape Ecigs, and we can discuss liquids, our
success's, and our struggles without judgement. Everyone has their own way of quitting and we are all a success and I'm proud of ALL OF US !!! It doesn't matter how we get to where we are going,......the fact is we are all going to the same place as a team !! ♥ ♥ ♥

I am also asking that we keep this group drama free. No bashing of others or other groups. Also this is not a place to sell your e juice, if you are not trying to quit smoking using vape then I recommend you let one of the admins know that you have it available and give a link to where our members can purchase your product.

I am glad to welcome anyone here who has a desire to quit smoking, and we are a group that has a tool box to help us do that.
glad you are here