Vampirology — Occult, Metaphysics, Ancient History and Spirituality

Vampirology — Occult, Metaphysics, Ancient History and Spirituality.

Vampirology is an online safe-haven focused on the study, research and practice of vampirism and all hidden mysteries. We hold discussions, share experiences and knowledge on different occult subjects and esoteric traditions, from high magick and advanced metaphysics to spiritual paradigms and psychology. We believe in learning enforced by hard work, thorough exploration and continuous practice, so beware that egotistical remarks and vanity claims are approached precisely as such, without masks and mirrors.

This group is not focused on the fictional side of vampirism, so those driven by fantasy, role-playing, gaming and fashion are better suited elsewhere.
We are not affiliated with specific covens, orders or paths. Members are welcome from any walk of life and background if they share the same passion for knowledge and the occult, as well as the same commitment for truth. Diversity remains one of our strengths and the quest for unbiased truth among our calls. Although by tradition most of us focus on the intricacies of the Left Hand Path we also welcome those of the Right Hand Path with an open mind.

If you read this far you are likely ready to join…

This group is formed by mature individuals that value and understand the notions of politeness and respect. Anyone joining is expected to abide by those standards and behave with respect if they seek to be respected. Any form of unjustified rudeness, attempt to raise drama, hidden agendas, incentive to frivolous and disruptive behaviour will be graciously dealt with and the responsible users promptly removed.