Vegan Talk!

Post all your questions don't be shy! Comment, post pics all related to higher living, veganism. No dairy, no eggs, no meat, no animal byproducts such as bee pollen and honey promoting is acceptable here.I personally have over 500 hundreds of dishes alone on here which I invite you to duplicate and be creative only PLEASE DO NOT MODIFY MY RECIPES WITH ANYTHING FROM A CREATURE TO A BEE! There are plenty of great alternatives. I am sure I can speak for other vegan's food posts as well. Please do not modify any of the recipes on Vegan Talk! and call it your own. Please give credit where it is due to people and their creative talents. Positive sayings, your thoughts on how you feel about where you are in your process, yes. Express your feelings especially if you feel lost, alone, and unsure of yourself. Most of all, enjoy your walk in the garden! No fighting, no foul, no harm, and no graphic animal cruelty pics. We already know what that is. Use those for the sleeping zombies! Let's inspire one another and grow strong foundations to be the voice and the language translators for our earth buddies. Promote a page of yours as a member as long as it relates to the cause and isn't a sales pitch. There are plenty of platforms for doing this on FB and elsewhere thanks. I have been enlightened not to invite people to join an outside group within a group via post. Made sense to me once pointed out as I am learning as I go. So I am asking that you do not post promotion for another group in Vegan Talk! 2 maybe 3 strike rule depending on the situation. Again there are plenty of ways to advertise. Please try not to feel left out or isolated if you're not there yet for the animals. It's okay on here. As long as your intention is to not contribute to that which you fled from you'll get there. No worries, no race. It's about the pace. In time if you continue not only on here but through the help of other groups, sites, research. and most of all personal experience, your heart and consciousness will awaken. Happy Vegan Talk!