Vermont Gaming Community

This group is for anyone in Vermont, we are a local group of gamers, we kick ass and take names. Throughout the year LAN parties and gaming get togethers will be scheduled. Go or don't. We are few right now, but that means nothing. Stop by, post, have a good time. Invite your gaming friends.

If you're looking for something know that we have some sub-groups:


VGC Game Design

VGC League of Legends Online League

VGC Minecraft

VGC Netrunner

We also have sister groups:

Laboratory B Hackerspace

Burlington Gamer Girl Community (local chapter)

Trugaming (MTG; LoL; Competitive gaming)

Carnage (tabletop; they are also an annual convention)



MTG Rutland Crew

Green Mountain Gamers

Geek Mountain State

Tir Asleen-Dagorhir (foam weapon combat)