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Veronica Grey is a multihyphenate superartist whose work is in books, films, and even music, although she claims that she is by no means a musician of any sort - more of a modern day muse: http://tinyurl.com/U2Forever. An award winning A-list filmmaker and writer, she tried to claim coinage of the term "Superartist" but discovered Andy Warhol beat her to it by like 40 years. However, she is the first known live person to talk this walk, and then walk it too, as her achievements have at times influenced other Superartists as well, who sometimes give her "shout outs" which are like inside jokes, in their projects. For example, look for the "Fische" reference in the 2nd to final scene of "Inception" starring Leonardo DiCaprio, as Fysche is one of her alteregos. So is "The Queen of Surfing." More than anything else however is her mission to save the planet http://www.WorstSharkAttackEver.com/ Oh and help you live forever http://www.EternalYouthandImmortality.com/ heart emoticon Veronica Grey is possibly forever indebted to her mentor, rock star surfer Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT and sponsor, "King of Surfing" John John Florence. And she is DEFINITELY forever indebted to Jehovah Elohim with our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. Namaste.